Design & Strategy Studio - Portland


Some selected accolades.


We do things differently.


We’re about design for good.

Pretty with purpose. Creative thinking for positive impact. We make beautiful things that contribute to the changes we want to see in the world. With honesty, daring, and fun, we partner with each client to figure out how they can do the most good for the most impact. We live for the challenges, for the problems that haven’t been defined yet. Let’s figure them out together.






We aren’t going to impress you with all the three-letter acronyms we know. Design is for everyone.


We’ll tell you (tactfully!) if your idea’s way off.


What’s New

We look out for trends and future insights so you’re ahead of the curve.

What’s Best

Some things have stood the test of time because they’re the best. We won’t sacrifice them for something else simply because it’s shiny and new.


Formally Beautiful

Smart thinking comes to life when beautifully designed.

Conceptually Smart

Empty beauty is useless. We make sure our designs have meaning behind them.


Doing It Differently

Sometimes the road less traveled pays off. We are unafraid of trying something new if it leads to a better process and result.

Doing It Efficiently

We know how to make a lot from a little. Big or small, we are personally invested in the outcome of every project we tackle.


Hard Work

Skill and creativity are essential, but good stuff comes out of making and making and researching and thinking and writing and talking...


We’re serious about what we do. And we guarantee you’ll smile, laugh, and maybe squirt water out of your nose along the way.