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How do we keep the public up-to-date?


Portland Bureau of Transportation

The Portland Bureau of Transportation keeps the city’s cars, bikes, pedestrians, and mass transit systems running smoothly and safely. This means they do a lot of public outreach and a lot of maintenance. Both require the public to be in-the-know so they can give their feedback about how to make the city’s transportation network better as well as be informed about projects that may affect their daily commute. PBOT and HUB partner on a variety of projects focused on clearly, concisely, and compellingly communicating PBOT projects to the general public. HUB helps create campaigns, alerts, and program designations that attract attention, give people the details, and show off the great work PBOT does to keep Portland moving.


Fixing Our Streets

Voters recently passed a 10 cent gas tax in Portland to fund street Projects. PBOT engaged HUB to create a functional and attractive logo and messaging system that could be used by their communications department to inform the public direct line-of-sight and awareness to what is going on, where, who it will affect and how long it will last.


Get Portland Moving

With a record number of scheduled road closures and infrastructure improvement projects on the horizon, PBOT engaged HUB to create a logo and messaging system that could be used by their communications department to inform the public and raise awareness around timing, road closures and planned improvements. HUB helped coin the campaign messaging of "Get Portland Moving" and designed a logo system that could be used to inform the public that a project was part of the initiative, and what issues were being addressed and how.


Historic Black Williams Project Brochure

As part of new street improvements along Williams Avenue, the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Regional Arts and Culture Council sponsored an art work project celebrating the rich history and culture of the black community. We created a custom map and brochure that takes people on a tour of the newly installed artwork. The Historic Black Williams Project acknowledges the complex and changing history of Williams Avenue and honors the role Portland’s Black community has played in this history. Home to Portland’s largest Black community for most of the 20th century, Williams Avenue included a concentration of thriving and active community institutions. Only a handful of these still exist, but their history and the values of the people that built and cherished them live on. The art installation includes 30 mounted signs and 10 sidewalk tiles on Williams Avenue between NE Broadway and N Killingsworth that represent the history and values of Black Portland. A multimedia information-sharing component will soon follow. We hope this history inspires new intergenerational and cultural exchanges and sparks new initiatives and entrepreneurial endeavours to strengthen Portland’s Black community. Find out more about the project here.


Annual Report Highlight Reel

Looking to take a new approach to publishing an annual report that captured the department's progress agains stated goals and objectives, PBOT hired HUB to concept, design and develop an online version of what had up to now been a printed (and much ignored) piece. HUB worked with the communication team at PBOT to defined a structure and presentation style that presented the content in an engaging, interactive way, allowing visitors to access information of interest to them. The site also featured a "sizzle reel" of highlights and key accomplishments that HUB animated and scored for the site.



Designed in Partnership with Portland Bureau of Transportation

Brand Strategy, Communications, Marketing, Design