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Go Kits



How do we set all of our new employees up for success?


Creating a Game Plan…

We partnered with Nike HR to elevate the onboarding and first day experience and set up each employee with the essentials to be a world-class team member at Nike. Each new Athlete* will be equipped with the tools needed to navigate an environment where expectations are high and ambiguity is a constant, from the moment they say yes through the first 90 days on their new team (wherever that might be).


Understand the Brand

When laying the foundation for the discovery and execution of a meaningful approach and design narrative there’s a lot to consider. For the GoKit, we looked through the lens of a prospective employee’s journey, mapping out their needs, interests, motivations, and milestones.


There’s a lot to Consider…

What is Nike’s brand promise? What do employees care about? What do they respond to? What are the stumbling blocks?


Finding the Right Voice

Together with our client team, we worked to develop the ideal new employee experience from end-to-end. We designed and developed a robust collection of materials and tools to better welcome new employees, the Nike way, and facilitate the onboarding process.


Ready, Set, Go

The end result? A premium, custom, dynamic, and scalable campaign, rollout plan, and collateral collection. The GoKit enables informative, consistent, and impactful conversations between managers and new employees so we can start everyone strong.



Designed in Partnership with Nike Onboarding

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