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Silicon Valley Bank is the most sought after financial partner in the global innovation economy. As leaders in our industry we are the trusted partners of companies, influencers and their investors. As the industry leaders, we have access to the best talent and our hiring process brings in top candidates from around the globe. Once we have found the best talent (you!) we work hard to give them the opportunities that foster growth, we reward bold ideas and provide what you need to move fast with efficiency.

How do we energize
talent from within?


Begin with tone…

“Welcome to the team! We are here to support you and your career at SVB. Our commitment to providing you the tools, training and opportunities that will foster your growth here starts today. SVB is the most sought after financial partner in the global innovation economy and as part of the team you will be given the opportunity to innovate, investigate and ideate with some of the world’s most sought after companies, influencers and investors. Our team is the key to our success, we only hire the best, and that is why we hired you. Welcome aboard.”


Then create a memorable, on-brand
onboarding experience that will…

Increase employee engagement
Enable and support employees’ onboarding, clear roadblocks with
simple, digestible, clear info
Connect them to the larger vision, every role counts
Generate excitement and instill confidence in their choice
Share a cohesive, and aspirational yet genuine brand experience


Welcome aboard!

To welcome new SVB employees to the team, we curated the perfect picnic kit inspired by the SVB clients and their sectors, high-end and modern, with everything you need to celebrate the SVB way. “Cheers to you!”


Part of creating a cohesive on boarding experience involves often overlooked and under considered paperwork. We spent countless hours gathering, deciphering and placing several HR documents in an order that was easy to digest and made sense. We found this to be a great place to bring the messaging and visual expression to life.

More than just a collection of tools, forms, and steps to take, we want to create a phased experience that builds interest, excitement, and engagement over time. By the end of their first day new hires will already know what it feels like to be an SVBer and can slide into their new job confidently. 

Startup Kit

On the new employee’s first day, they will be greeted with an all-inclusive kit of fun desk and computer accessories, along with important onboarding documents and a personal journal, inside of which they’ll record important notes, thoughts about their first few days, along with other helpful information to get them started. 


Talent Development

Providing a way for employees to grow is just as important as recruiting the right members for the team. The SVB Development team created a workshop series to help strengthen employees and help them grow.


Our success is measured by helping people feel motivated and empowered to reach their own fulfillment.


  • excitement 

  • purpose 

  • empowerment 

  • motivation 

  • connection


Lightly touching on the graphic angles used in the onboarding creative combined with the concept of blueprints, the aesthetic of isometric grids tells a story of building and drafting allowing for an enthusiastic and familiar, yet assertive tone, striving for Your Next, reflective of the ambitious work and impact of MyBlueprint.


The Kit

From custom designed “Interest” cards to a folded paper fortune teller we’ve sourced and created items to build an engaging experience while providing the tools needed for the development workshop, as well as a place to house them in.



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