Solution: Informed by the specific audience attributes and needs we developed a pure, and elevated brand that’s also understated. Wild Owl is the result of hard-earned coffee wisdom that only comes from years of experience. Handcrafted by artisan roast masters in a LEED® Silver certified plant, Wild Owl combines sustainable practices with exceptional quality to create coffee that soars above the rest. Speaking to the fashionable outdoorsman Wild Owl is refined while being approachable and conscientious.Result: The resulting brand and packaging communicate a restraint that’s still welcoming and embodies the key pillars of quality, refinement, and authenticity. Simplicity and white space around the type give the logo a unique, luxurious feel while an abstract balance and typographic omissions give it a modernity that complements the luxury theme. Bolstered by an illustration that can easily stand on its own, fundamentally depicting the brand name. The “black owl” can be both seen and read, a characteristic that promotes strong brand memorability.