Cerimon house is a non-profit organization in the Alberta arts district that provides an inviting space where the entire community can connect through activities centered around arts, education, exploration, and celebration. Their name originates from the healer in Shakespeare’s play, Peracles. In the tale, her house stands by the sea and is a warm harbor where one may find wisdom, healing, and renewal on their journey. Cerimon House seeks to offer the same experience in providing a convening space for programming and ceremony, and by curating conversations with teachers, leaders, and philosophers to deepen understanding, and engage minds in the community.

In helping distill and visualize their brand, HUB incorporated the four pillars of Cerimon House: curiosity, community, ceremony, and creativity in a brand kit that subtly illustrates “the journey” their guests are on. Echoing their mission to combine the traditional with the creative, we concepted a labyrinth design as a flexible, illustrative frame that supports expanded story and doubles as a lockup with the logo in the center, representing the “safe harbor.” The identity system incorporates fine line work inspired by early 20th century American engravings and a warm color palette that reflects “the light within” that their programming sparks.

Cerimon_L2 Cerimon_Med1