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We explored the theme of “nonsensical realism,” a concept embodied through collaged curiosities and odd combinations that, when curated together, form a new “truth.” Part whimsy, part ridiculousness, the concept conveys storied sophistication. The packaging uses neon and black color combinations to assert itself on a shelf of full-color chatter. Its understated boldness commands attention through […]

HUB continues to work with Emery County to develop a robust and executable marketing plan for the next years. From guiding the brand voice generally to developing specific collateral, we are committed to working with the County throughout the brand rollout.

Each GO Kit is equipped with what the team member needs to navigate an environment where expectations are high and ambiguity is a constant, from the moment they say yes through their first 90 days on their new team.

The project had two goals: celebrate a cohesive, strong sense of place for the people that live in Green River and communicate to those who don’t why it’s worth visiting. This means celebrating Green River’s remoteness yet accessibility: it’s a Waypoint to Wild. Now, we’re making the brand visions a reality.

HUB created a sesquicentennial brand to raise awareness through marketing ventures that engage the internal community as well as their external audiences in Portland and beyond. HUB Created a logo mark and brand usage guide that is worthy of celebrating Lewis and Clark’s unique heritage and future forward thinking.

HUB partnered with Disjecta is to define and create the identity and collateral to support the 2016 Biennial. In order to ensure that the exhibitions get the attendance and attention that is desired, we worked closely with the Disjecta team to define a visual identity for the exhibition and then create the desired collateral and […]

HUB took every opportunity to “flex” the shoe campaign’s design at retail by creating point-of-purchase, out-of-home, table, and window displays inspiring women to put their best foot forward.  Bold, colorful window graphics demand attention while in-store POP tells the deeper feature and benefit story while showcasing the shoe’s innovative flexibility through the graphic movement of […]