Monthly Archives: April 2018

Solution: Informed by the specific audience attributes and needs we developed a pure, and elevated brand that’s also understated. Wild Owl is the result of hard-earned coffee wisdom that only comes from years of experience. Handcrafted by artisan roast masters in a LEED® Silver certified plant, Wild Owl combines sustainable practices with exceptional quality to […]

Solution: Our logo and layout exploration launched directly from the definition and concept of being an advocate. To publicly support or recommend a particular cause or policy. To advocate is a positive and uplifting expression. It’s about standing up and saying something. The new Advocate logo and magazine design express this mentality through subtle integration […]

Solution: HUB audited and refresh key materials to create a thoughtful line of modern, premium publications, as well as a few new pieces. Our approach stemmed from the concept of rigorous balance, a yin and yang creating a balanced and editorial look-and-feel. This theme shares photo-heavy spreads balancing with more traditional text-heavy editorial-style text pages. […]