Monthly Archives: January 2016

They consider us an extension of their internal design team…and we really appreciate the free juice. As Starbucks Evolution Fresh juice line grows, we sample their new flavors, make tasting notes, and create art and texture for their packaging, taking into account point size, legibility, balance of color, and ingredients in mandala design. Once the final art […]

Recognized for their service-orientation and can-do attitude, Mollet prides themselves in the quality experience that they offer their clients­­. HUB created a “Modern Craftsmen” concept for their rebrand, drawing inspiration from the vintage type on the postcards that Dave Mollet’s father used to send out each year with a picture of himself in a different […]

Cerimon house is a non-profit organization in the Alberta arts district that provides an inviting space where the entire community can connect through activities centered around arts, education, exploration, and celebration. Their name originates from the healer in Shakespeare’s play, Peracles. In the tale, her house stands by the sea and is a warm harbor […]

Summer in Minnesota is all about two things: fishing and baseball. As part of the build up to the annual retailer event at the MLB All-Star game HUB conceived and created a series of progressively complex invites and giveaways. First out of the gate was a “Fresh Catch” hanky with the event logo silkscreened on […]

EKINS are Nike’s young, hip, and elite brand ambassadors, and the annual summit is their launchpad for the coming year. The BOOST theme, inspired by the idea of an elite astronaut crew, elevates a sense of camaraderie and invokes the feeling they’re on a special mission. BOOST communicates the idea of discovery through launch, taking […]

There is no doubt that a juice craze has swept the world, and we get it…what’s not to love? Following the heightened demand for fresh bottled goodness came a smorgasbord of new juice brands to LA’s health food market— each with similar ingredients, and each making the claim to be the healthiest, tastiest option. In […]

Using navigation as our visual theme, we created a differentiated, easy read that takes prospective students on a journey that starts at Linfield and ends in some pretty incredible places. Weaving character and plot from real student experiences into their view book, HUB designed a small, but mighty book that echoes Linfield’s saying “Mighty oaks […]